2 Trending Kitchen Color Schemes For 2020 And A Tile Company In Brooklyn

The new year has just arrived and you are beginning to look at renovation designs for your kitchen. You are looking to use both porcelain and ceramic tiles for the walls, counters, and flooring. You want your kitchen to feel organic yet modern but also welcoming. Today, we will talk about 2 color schemes that are trending for 2020.

Charcoal, Silver, Off-White, and Brown

If you are looking for a modern organic look for your kitchen, consider the charcoal, silver, off-white, and brown color scheme. The charcoal color will accentuate the organic color of brown. Off-white colored tiles can be used as backsplashes while silver adds a modern “tech” feel. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to mimic organic materials such as wood without the costly maintenance.

Black, Marble, Gold, and White

Nothing says welcoming than marble and gold. As mentioned, ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a variety of styles, and marble is one of them. Picture your countertops set in marble without having to pay the price of actual marble. Consider using gold-colored accessories with white or black colored tiles for your kitchen’s backsplash. This color scheme offers the feel of natural organic marble with modern and luxurious sentiments.

Tile Store

So perhaps you are excited and would like to see all the different types of tiles you can use for your project and are now looking for a tile store in Brooklyn. Visit Timeless Tile NYC. They offer an extensive variety of porcelain and ceramic tiles for every room of your home. So when looking for the tile store in Brooklyn to buy tiles for your home, they are the ones to contact. Call or visit them at so you can design and build the kitchen of your dreams today.

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