Concrete Foundation Repair In Mississippi Can Stabilize And Secure A Home

When foundation problems are caught early, the solution can be very affordable. The condition of a home’s foundation is crucial to the stability of a home. Cracks or sinking in the foundation can lead to doors in the home not closing properly. Cracks can appear in sheetrock near window and door frames. Water and tree roots are some of the main reasons a foundation may need concrete foundation repair in Mississippi. Water must be properly transported away from a home’s foundation with the use of French drains or a sump pump. Water can build pressure against a foundation causing it to crack. Water traveling underground can create empty pockets under the footer of a home causing it to sink.

A company that is highly experienced in concrete foundation repair in Mississippi can quickly determine the cause of the problem and offer an affordable solution to a homeowner. One of the solutions may be to install reinforced piers under the home. These piers can level a home and offer more support for the structure. Underpinning a foundation involves reaching deeper into the soil surface to locate a more stable area. It will extend the foundation deeper into the ground that won’t be affected by the weather and soil conditions. It will provide the vertical support a home needs and prevent further settling of the home.

After the home is stabilized, concrete will be pumped under the slab. This prevents water from entering the voids left after the foundation has been lifted. It also prevents from the weight of the home stressing the new piers and balances the weight. Grout pumping is also a solution for concrete driveways or sidewalks that have been affected due to water damage. Installation of a supplemental footing is also another option for a home with foundation problems. This type of system will work better when water drainage problems are addressed at the same time this is performed. This is an affordable alternative for many homeowners with foundation problems.

If your foundation is in need of repair, contact Ewing and Ray Foundation Services Inc. Their years of service in the industry and outstanding craftsmanship will leave your home safe and secure again.

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