Expert Commercial Grouting Service in Houston TX

Large projects can benefit from expert Commercial Grouting Service in Houston TX. Large grouting companies offer several important services including grouting large ceramic tile floor or wall installations, concrete lifting, compaction grouting, filling voids and annular spaces, deep injection of polyurethane, and more. They can create new curtain walls, cut off groundwater, and re-align concrete slabs. These companies will work on existing building remediations or new construction sites. Specialized grouting services can enhance any project.

Commercial Grouting

New or existing commercial buildings may have large ceramic tile or stone tile installations that need grouting. Commercial Grouting Service in Houston TX can come in with the equipment and bulk grout to finish the tile installation quickly. They can also re-grout older installations where the old grout is failing. They often offer several types of grouting including pressure grouting, compaction grouting, and chemical grouting

But there are other uses for grouting materials and services including strengthening soils for building projects, correcting settlement of structures, and leveling the concrete slab they are built on. Grouting services can include re-aligning concrete slabs, creating curtain walls, filling in pipeline abandonments, making bulkheads stronger, and filling in voids and annular spaces.

Concrete Leveling and Lifting

When concrete slabs, walkways, steps, or foundations settle or crack, they can affect the building stability and present safety and liability issues. Buildings, parking areas, and walkways that have developed cracks or settling issues lose real estate value. These problems can and should be remedied before the structures are too badly compromised to save. These problems will get worse with time not better. The sooner the cracks or settling are repaired the less expensive the job will be.

When the building foundation or slab settles, the walls above it may crack. This includes walls made of brick, masonry, drywall, plaster, or other materials. The windows and doors in the compromised building might become hard to open and close. The floors may become tilted. Commercial grouting companies can lift and level slabs and foundations and re-level all parts of the building or other structures. Once everything is level, the walls and floors can be repaired. Request a quote for any size job.

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