Most Popular Features to Have in Luxury Custom Homes in Seattle, WA

When building a luxury custom home, you will want to make sure to add in some of the most popular features that Seattle WA residents love. These include:

1. Custom-Built Cabinetry – This is one essential feature that all of the luxurious homes have, and it’s probably for a good reason also. With custom cabinets made by professionals to fit all of your furnishings, they provide extra insulation against heat and cold and add aesthetic appeal while keeping your items secure from dust and other elements. These can be made with wood or more modern materials like stainless steel if you would prefer something sleeker and more contemporary in appearance; both are extremely durable options that can last you for decades with proper maintenance.

2. Beautiful Hardwood Floors – Another exquisite addition to a luxury custom home in Seattle is the use of gorgeous hardwood floors. Everyone loves solid wood floors because they add a sense of warmth and character to your home, with each one being unique in its own way. If you choose not to have hardwood floors installed, other options like marble or granite could be used in their place for an equally luxurious appearance that will increase the value of your property as well.

3. High-End Appliances – As it’s becoming more common these days, most people want things like high-end appliances built right into their homes from the very start rather than trying to find them later down the road at a higher price point. Whether you are looking for commercial-grade equipment or just want the best that money can buy for your family, having professional-grade appliances are an essential part of many luxury custom homes in Seattle, WA.

4. Custom Lighting – The lighting in your home should be something that you take into careful consideration ahead of time because it significantly affects how a room feels and looks overall. If you choose to have a designer install lights within your home, they will likely know what works best with the colors and tones already popular throughout new luxury custom homes in Seattle, WA.

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