The Process Involved During The Installation of Fences In Saint Paul MN

One of the best ways to add additional privacy and security to a home is to install a quality fence around the perimeter of the home’s property line. Some homeowners think they can tackle the project themselves, but don’t realize the amount of work that is required during the installation of Fences in Saint Paul MN. The following is an overview of the process and is designed to give homeowners the knowledge needed to ensure a fence is installed correctly.


One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make is not having a survey of their property completed before having a fence installed. A survey is designed to provide the exact location of the homeowner’s property lines and will prevent the fence from being installed on their neighbor’s property. Avoid the legal issues that can arise from an improperly installed fence by hiring a survey company to determine the best location for installation.

Installation Location Preparation

The company conducting the installation will first need to prepare the site. First, they will remove any trees or landscaping that are in the path of the fence, and they will then dig the holes that will be used to secure the fence in place. Be sure to discuss what vegetation and trees will be removed, so there aren’t any surprises or issues during the preparation process.

Fence Installation

Once the ground is ready, the installation process will begin. The team will place all of the support posts in the ground, and then connect the fence panels to the posts. Next, they will install any gates and the required hardware, and apply paint or stain to the fence to ensure it is protected from the elements and will not degrade prematurely. Once completed, they will then inspect the fence for structural integrity.

A fence will not only provide additional privacy, but it can increase the value of a home and make it easier to sell in the future. Individuals looking for help with the installation of Fences in Saint Paul MN should contact Dakota Unlimited, as they have experience installing a broad range of fence types and are known for their quality. Request a quote today and take the first step in making any yard more private and safe.

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