Proper Silt Fence Installation In Milwaukee WI Can Help To Stop Pollution

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

On construction sites, proper Silt Fence Installation in Milwaukee WI is often overlooked. The main purpose of this type of fencing is to eliminate storm water pollution. This type of fencing is part of an overall plan involving terrain, run-off, and soil. Construction areas that are near a hill can result in heavy erosion of the soil. Silt fencing prevents the soil migration by eliminating the soil from being exposed and keeping the vegetation in place on slopes. Silt fencing must be properly installed to eliminate this type of pollution from occurring. The fencing must be placed at least six inches below the ground surface to aid the dirt from moving.

Ground sediment can move towards the silt fence and create a buildup of soil. If this occurs, the sediment shouldn’t be any higher than 1/3 of the silt fence. The silt fence should reach 2-3 feet above the ground level. Proper Silt Fence Installation in Milwaukee WI by an experienced fencing company should be performed before a construction project begins. Silt and dirt that reaches sidewalks or highways can create a hazard. Sediment and dirt that enter storm drains or waterways will add to a sediment build up on the bottom. Sediment entering waterways will damage the various species living in the ecosystem.

Installing this type of fencing may appear to be easy, but there is a specific procedure that must be followed in order for this type of silt fence to work. Placing the fence at the wrong pitch of the hill or slope and not installing continuous fabric leaves the opportunity for voids in the protection. If the ditch the silt fence is placed in isn’t properly filled, the water will travel underneath the fence. Many cities and municipalities require the proper silt fence to be installed on a construction project can begin. Maintenance of the fence is necessary throughout the construction process to ensure it’s working properly.

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable fencing company can ensure a construction site has the fencing that is needed to complete the job. For more information on silt or any other type of fencing, please feel free to visit

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