The Signs That You Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement in Mukilteo, WA

In many ways, garage doors are designed much like drawbridges of medieval castles. The drawbridges, or even just heavy doors, were often too heavy for one person to lift alone. To aid in lifting, they used a heavy weight that would drop down into a hole. The weight would drop in the opposite direction of the door; this was called a counterweight. Nowadays, garage doors don’t use counterweights. Instead, they use springs.

Typically, a garage door uses two springs. If your garage door is 200 lbs, your garage door springs will likely have 200 lbs of coil tension. When the door is closed, the coils will be stretched out with 200 lbs of pressure. When you open the door, the coils will begin to release that tension. It is actually the springs that open the door, not the garage door motor itself. The motor just gives the springs direction. Therefore, you can know you need garage door spring replacement if the door is not opening properly.

Not Opening Properly

If your door is not opening properly, you could need a garage door spring replacement in Mukilteo, WA. For example, a door that lifts higher on one side than the other could indicate that one of the springs has malfunctioned.

If you think that is the case, you should contact us right away. There are many different ways to fix a spring, but the most affordable one is typically just a full replacement.

Full Replacement

Don’t try to do a garage door spring replacement yourself. As stated earlier, a garage door spring can be under hundreds of pounds of pressure. Such pressure could create a serious hazard for anyone trying to release that tension or replace the spring. It’s best to leave it to the professionals. They will do a great job in getting your door back to its optimal working conditions.

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