Soil Erosion In Sydney: Options

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Concrete Contractor

Many companies have to deal with soil erosion in Sydney. It’s a common occurrence when you start breaking ground on a new structure, but it’s also a dangerous one. As such, you might be considering products to help prevent this problem, and geofabrics might be the best choice. They are designed to filter, reinforce, protect, drain, and separate the areas where they are used. In most cases, they are made using cement powder (dry mix) and nonwoven or woven fabrics. It’s all mixed together and laid out over the space. With a bit of water, it forms a conforming yet flexible barrier that’s also waterproof.

Geofabrics can be used in many ways. Primarily, it is designed to prevent soil erosion in Sydney or to stop the erosion if it has already started. It will improve the soil’s strength and doesn’t cost as much as other options. Plus, you can use it to plant vegetation, flowers, or grass on a steep slope. This secures the area and prevents runoff with time. While most people use it for the cement to repair crumbled or cracked concrete, you may just find that it has a variety of uses for your needs.

Infrastructure Technologies Australia provides a variety of products to help you. You’ll be able to waterproof irrigation channels, line a dam, and deal with soil erosion in Sydney. Aqualiner features the best mechanical properties to help with all that and much more. Plus, it is self-extinguishing and durable. This design incorporates geofabrics so that the liner can be laid over any sub-grade, which includes anything damaging. For example, it can be put over debris and rocks and won’t tear or break down any sooner. As such, Aqualiner can be repaired and modified as needed. Consider learning more about the company and its array of products today at

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