An Eye For Tile

Arranging floor tiles in your home can almost be like putting a puzzle together. You can create a variety of designs from a plain pattern with one or two colors to a detailed image that looks like a piece of art on the floor. When you begin searching for floor tiles Mesa stores sell, you should have a general plan in place of how you want them to look and how much money you want to spend on them as some materials are more expensive than others, such as ceramic compared to laminate.

If you want a simple design in the room, then create a border along the walls with the tiles that you have. A darker color works well for this idea with the rest of the floor in a lighter color. You can use tiles that are all the same shape but that are turned in a different direction for the border.

As you begin placing the tiles on the floor, you can often begin to see patterns take shape. Since there are numerous sizes that you can purchase, it’s easy to stagger floor tiles Mesa stores offer or position them in a pyramid pattern. You can also create diamonds, circles, and other large shapes on the floor that blend with the other details of the room.

When you begin working with colored tiles, you want to use one or two colors at a time instead of using several. Multiple colors in one area can take too much attention away from the overall look of the floor. They can also give the eye too much to look at instead of focusing on the design that you wanted to create in the first place. Consider contrasting two different colors, adding perhaps a third as an accent color if you want subtle hints of another shade.

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