Does Your Yard Need Retaining Walls in Brookfield WI?

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

On a property that has a hillside, a retaining wall may be necessary in order to prevent erosion and other problems. It can also add a flat area to the yard that is more usable than a slope. Retaining walls in Brookfield WI come in many different forms to match the landscaping design of any yard. Here are some of the top reasons that people decide to have a retaining wall built.

Protect the Hillside

Whenever heavy rain falls, the water on the ground will head downhill, often taking some of the soil from the hill with it. Grass that is planted on the hillside can help to lessen the erosion. In some cases, gravel or another material that is spread around can be beneficial as well. Retaining walls are particularly reliable at stopping erosion from occurring. A retaining wall can also be paired with grass or other methods of preventing erosion to provide a sloped yard with the highest possible level of resistance to runoff from rain.

No More Mess

For many yards, erosion does more than damage the hillside. It may create a mess as well. Mud that is created as the rainwater drags soil down the hill can spread into areas where the extra dirt causes problems. After any heavy rain, people may come outside and find that there is mud covering part of their driveway or piled up on part of the lawn. Cleaning up the mud may take a lot of effort. If the erosion is not stopped, clearing away the mud may have to be done again and again over time. A retaining wall can keep this from happening.

Enhance the Yard

With homes that are built on a hill, there may not be as much usable space in the yard as people would like. By constructing a retaining wall in a strategic location, homeowners can add to the amount of flat area in the yard. This may allow them to do things they have not been able to in the past, such as put in a nice patio.

Due to all that they offer, Retaining Walls in Brookfield WI are a good investment. The improvements they bring to a yard will last for years to come. Check out website for more information.

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