Erosion Control Solutions In Sydney: Benefits

by | May 8, 2019 | Waterproofing Systems

If you know that erosion is a significant issue in your area, it is best to work on controlling it before it gets severe. You can find a variety of erosion control solutions in Sydney to help prevent water and wind erosion in land development, agriculture, construction, river banks, and more. Effective solutions should handle the surface runoff and must be utilised to prevent soil loss, water pollution, property loss, and habitat loss. These controls are used in a variety of settings to promote stormwater management and provide a physical barrier to rock and vegetation.

Erosion control solutions in Sydney are plentiful, but it can be challenging to determine the right option for you. Options can include hydroseeding, mulching, buffer strips, and much more. However, most people now believe that waterproof liners are the best solution. If the erosion happens next to or near to a concrete waterway or another concrete structure, you can use geofabrics and concrete canvas to provide a barrier so that the soil and vegetation can’t get into the waterway. Along with such, it can also be used to keep the soil in place regardless of what is going on.

Infrastructure Technologies Australia has better erosion control solutions in Sydney. The Aqualiner product stops soil erosion and prevents recurrence, as well. You know that the matting you lay is going to keep the soil in place and make it safer to build upon. It’s suitable for wet and rough terrains and gives long-lasting results, as well. The goal here is to contain the soil and prevent erosion and Aqualiner does both because it is fire-resistant and waterproof. The soil stays where it’s supposed to be, and there is no fear of shifting soil. It’s a solution favoured by many, including builders, government entities, and engineers, among others.

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