How to Tell If You Need New Roofing in Clarksville MD

The roof protects the house from the elements, so it’s important to regularly check it for signs that it may need to be repaired or replaced. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that you do so at least twice every year. Roofs typically last between 20 and 30 years, although those made from concrete or tile can last a lot longer if properly cared for, so if the one on your house is approaching this age range, frequent inspections are especially important.

From Inside the Home

When in the attic, light from outside showing through the roof, leaks or water damage and sagging of the roof are all signs that something is wrong that needs to be fixed, whether it is just a few missing shingles or something that merits replacing the entire roof.

Look for Damage

Those checking out Roofing in Clarksville MD area should start by looking for any missing, broken or damaged shingles. Damaged or missing shingles make it easier for water to get through the roof, potentially causing mold, rot or even structural damage to the roof itself or the rest of the home.

Check for Curling Shingles

If the shingles no longer lie flat, it may be time to look for a place to buy new Roofing in Clarksville MD. Shingles that curl up to form cups or curl down to form claws allow water to get underneath them and can increase the risk of a leaking roof.

Watch for Granules Coming Off the Shingles

If the granules come off of asphalt shingles, the sun will damage the shingles and make them need to be replaced more quickly. Typically this is a sign that the roof is about halfway through its useful period, not that it needs to be replaced right away.

Look for Moss, Algae or Other Growth

While moss and algae don’t actually damage the roof itself, if a homeowner tries to remove them improperly, it can damage the roof. Don’t power wash the roof or try to scrape off the moss or algae, as this can remove the granules on the shingles and makes them ineffective. A mix of half water and half bleach may be able to kill off the moss without damaging the shingles themselves.

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