Insulating Building Materials in Danbury, CT Boost Energy Efficiency and Cut Noise Levels

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Building & Construction materials

Building Materials in Danbury CT include products that boost the energy efficiency of the home and reduce noise. Insulation of various types and high-quality windows accomplish these goals, allowing homeowners to keep their utility bills lower and not be bothered by normal outside noise. More insulation can be added to a house that has already been constructed once the owners realize it should have more.

Airborne and Impact Noise

Insulating Building Materials in Danbury CT lower the effects of sounds from both outside and inside the house. Exterior noises include sounds from traffic, the neighbor’s boombox, and construction equipment in the vicinity. Examples of interior sounds include the TV set, the washing machine, and people talking. Another type of sound is technically called impact noise, which includes footsteps overhead and squirrels running across the roof.

Insulation and Windows

Insulation inside the interior walls and over ceilings cuts down on noise between rooms and stories of the home. In the exterior walls and under the roof, insulation helps with climate control, keeping heat inside during cold weather, and preventing the loss of cool air during summer. Dual-glazed windows from a store such as Companies increase the levels of energy efficiency and soundproofing.

Types of Insulation

Both spray and standard fiberglass insulation are helpful for energy efficiency and sound reduction. People who have recently moved into a home may quickly realize that there isn’t enough insulation because the noise levels from outside are too high and because the place feels a bit drafty during excessively cold or hot weather.

Dealing With Noise Pollution

Some households are fortunate enough to be located in quiet neighborhoods where outside noise is not a problem. Many neighborhoods, however, must deal with sounds from passenger car and truck traffic, motorcycles, sirens, playgrounds, municipal swimming pools, music from taverns and parks, and many other unwanted sound intrusions. When enough of this is ongoing, the noise can justifiably be called pollution. With sufficient insulation and double-pane or triple-pane windows, a home’s residents can block these types of noise to a large extent and enjoy peace inside the house.

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