The Many Benefits of Glass Block Showers, Choose an Installation Expert in San Antonio

Glass block showers used to be highly popular and then the fad dissipated. However, they’re coming back into style because they are highly versatile and can help you create an exciting or unique look. Residents in San Antonio may choose to change their bathrooms and add a new glass block shower system to change the decor or try something new.

Fits Any Décor

The blocks for the shower wall come individually, which means each one is installed separately. You can find a variety of colors, designs, and shapes available. While most photos show clear blocks, you can make them any color or choose to have a few blocks in each color. With this feature, you can make almost any design you choose, making it possible to create unique designs that complement your décor.

Strange Size/Shape

While most bathrooms are small or rectangular/square in nature, some are strange sizes or shapes. Yours may be circular or extensively large to make it more luxurious and relaxing. These blocks fit will with oddly shaped bathrooms because the blocks themselves are so versatile.


Most people worry that having a glass shower door is dangerous because if they fall against it or hit it with the curling iron, they could break the glass. However, these blocks are usually larger, which means they don’t break easily. They can even resist the shaking of an earthquake. You can also find specialty blocks that are resistant to fire, bullets, and other things.

As a safety measure, it makes the bathroom the perfect place to go during a natural disaster or a home invasion.

Glass block showers are becoming increasingly popular once more. Visit Shaw Company Remodeling in San Antonio and find out more.

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