Reasons to Consider Concrete Lifting in Denver

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Concrete Contractor

Homeowners everywhere have to deal with their driveways and years of abuse that they put it through. However, you also have to think about all the other concrete options you have around the home, such as sidewalks, patios, and more. If driveway repair in Denver is something on your to-do list, it makes sense to hire a professional. However, you may not realize just what needs to be done. Most significant issues, such as cracking or uneven pavement, may seem like something that’s easy to fix but can be challenging without the knowledge or tools.

The professionals at Concrete Repairs Denver know what to do for cracks and uneven slabs of concrete. Their lifting process raises the slab of concrete by using a stabilizing grout beneath it. The contractor drills small holes in the sunken portion and attaches a pump that fills in the space underneath with a material that will raise the concrete slab back to the original position and keep it there. Once the slab is in place, they patch/seal the hole, so it all looks as good as new. Afterward, you can also use their floor grinder in Denver to polish the concrete to smooth out any rough edges.

Concrete grinding isn’t as well-known as lifting, but it is essential to having your concrete look amazing. Of course, it is best to do concrete resurfacing in Denver after all repairs are complete, but then you can smooth out the rough parts and have it look as good as new. It is always going to be more affordable to consider repairs and grinding/resurfacing rather than breaking up the old concrete and pouring new. It can also be a faster process because the concrete doesn’t have to cure; you’re not replacing it, but instead, you’re fixing it so that it lasts for many more years.

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