Top Ideas For Curb Appeal For Large Commercial Properties

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Landscaping

While most people immediately associate the term “curb appeal” with home sales, it is also an important consideration for any commercial property. Adding to the visual appeal of a commercial property makes it more welcoming, provides a positive first impression and also makes a property memorable for customers, clients or visitors.

Getting ideas for curb appeal for large commercial properties is often difficult by simply browsing online. This is really a task for professional commercial landscape designers with the knowledge and expertise to create a look that is visually pleasing but also within the landscaping budget.

Using Greenery Wisely

There are many beautiful trees, shrubs, and hedges that can be the starting point for some terrific ideas for curb appeal. Landscape companies that specialize in commercial properties can suggest options for these types of borders and focus areas that include unique trees and shrubs that add color either with flowers or with seasonal changes in foliage.

Depending on your location there may be unique native trees and shrubs that are long-lived and offer a low-maintenance and cost option that will add beauty to the property for decades.

Strategic Areas of Color

Highlighting walkways, entrances and even signs or outdoor seating areas around the commercial property with bright, hardy annuals in containers, baskets and small flower gardens are also top ideas for curb appeal.

By using vibrant, season-long bloomers these gardens, containers, and basics can provide spots of color across the landscape that stand out without the cost of full gardens throughout the property.

A Beautiful Lawn

There is nothing that sets off a property as much as a beautifully maintained lawn. As this will be the dominant element with most commercial landscapes, choosing the correct sod variety and then providing the optimal levels of water, fertilization, and routine mowing will be important. The lush green of the lawn will make the other landscaping features stand out, creating a true oasis around any business that is sure to be appreciated.

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