What Is Involved in the Structural Repair of Concrete in Fort Myers, FL?

Concrete is a phenomenal building material. However, for all of its strengths, it has some weaknesses. One of its weaknesses is its relatively low tensile strength compared to other building materials. Repairing structural concrete in Fort Myers, FL requires specialized techniques and knowledge.

Before beginning any repair on structural concrete in Fort Myers, FL, you must assess the damage and understand what caused it. When you see what caused the damage, you may need to fix what’s causing the concrete to crack. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with damaged concrete again.

Concrete can be damaged in a variety of ways. Depending on the defect that’s shown, your repair method and repair materials may differ. Cracks are the most common defect found in structural concrete. A crack can come from improper concrete construction, shrinkage, or overloading the concrete slab.

Delamination happens when the concrete sealing happens before the bleeding process is complete. Bleeding happens after you pour the concrete as heavier compounds settle. As the heavier compounds settle, air and water rise to the top, eventually dissipating. If you apply sealant before this happens, the air and water get trapped, resulting in delamination.

Scaling is caused by a repeated freeze-thaw cycle of the concrete. This is something that can be prevented by using low water-to-cement ratios. This is because there’s less water in the mix to freeze. Each of these structural issues will need to be repaired using specialized techniques.

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