What to Consider When Choosing a Telehandler Rental Near Illinois

by | Aug 27, 2022 | Crane Service

A telescopic handler, more commonly known as a telehandler, operates as a multi-purpose machine designed to move, lift, or place material. These machines are highly desired because they serve as forklifts that can function on rough terrain. If you don’t need a telehandler on a regular basis, renting one may be your best choice. Consider these tips when choosing a telehandler rental near Illinois.

Do You Need a Telehandler or a Traditional Forklift?

Although a telehandler can perform many of the same functions as a forklift, there may be times that you need a traditional forklift for your site instead. Whereas forklifts are suited for indoor use only, telehandlers can handle outdoor or indoor use. However, if you are operating in a condensed space, you may wish to use a forklift.

Another consideration should be what type of movement you need to achieve. Are you going straight up and down, or do you need a horizontal tilt to the lift? Telehandlers typically offer greater versatility in direction when you are trying to move materials.

What Type of Telehandler Rental Do You Need?

Most jobs require two main types of telehandlers: fixed and rotating. A fixed telehandler is better suited for jobs that require extremely heavy loads, but you will experience less range of motion. A rotating telehandler can give a much greater movement range, and most models can handle rotations of 360 degrees. If you have smaller loads that reach into challenging positions, a rotating telehandler rental near Illinois is a better choice.

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