What to Know Before Hiring a Dumpster Rental Service in Hamilton Township

Dumpster rentals are vital for any type of concrete tear-outs and replacements, whether it is a sidewalk, pool area, or driveway. As a contractor, maintaining a cleaner and safer job site is a top priority. Recent research shows that the fatal injury rate in the construction industry is higher than in any other occupation.

One of the best ways of enhancing the safety of a construction site is by disposing of debris immediately in the dumpster rather than allowing it to pile up. It is always important to know all the ins and outs of dumpster rental for concrete waste. Here are important details to know before hiring a concrete Dumpster Rental Service in Hamilton Township.

Concrete Waste Takes Up Less

Most concrete tear-out jobs entail the use of either a jackhammer attachment on a bobcat or a jackhammer to break the concrete up. Both tools break the concrete into small pieces to be removed by a tractor and put into a concrete dumpster. Thus, it stands to reason that concrete occupies less space in volume in a dumpster than any other type of construction waste. In most cases, a 10-yard concrete dumpster will be large enough for the debris from a concrete patio, slab, or driveway.

Stick to the Weight Limits

When disposing of the debris in a concrete dumpster, be sure to stick to the specified weight limits. Overfilling a concrete dumpster will result in additional loading and overage fees, and it also risks damaging the company’s equipment.

Inquire About Short Term Rentals

The average rental term for a concrete dumpster is about a week. Most concrete tear-out projects do not take that long. Consider asking the dumpster rental company about a short term rental. This can be about two or three days depending on how long the project will be complete. Some dumpster companies may charge less for a short-term rental.

These are just some important details to know before hiring a professional Dumpster Rental Service in Hamilton Township. Remember to consider factors such as experience, licenses, and insurance when choosing a rental company. For more information about dumpster rental and how to contact a reliable Concrete Delivery Services, visit Artisticmaterialsnj.com.

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