A Basic Guide to Pool Liners

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Pool Cleaning Service

As many homeowners owners can attest, owning in-ground pools involves more than just filling and enjoying them. They not only have filters and pumps that require care, but most include Pool Liners that protect surfaces. Professional installers like J&M Pool Company provide liners in a wide range of colors and designs. Their products add beauty and can simplify maintenance.

There Are Different Kinds of Liners

Customers generally choose one of three types of pool liners. Some buy concrete and plaster liners that act as water barriers and shields for surface materials. Many pools are created from fiberglass shells, while others include vinyl liners. Vinyl is a popular choice, but it can wear out and need to be replaced. Some owners use DIY vinyl patches to put off replacing liners.

DIY Liners Can Cause Problems

Eventually, even the most creative DIY homeowner will have to replace a severely damaged liner. If they don’t, their pools can leak or be damaged. Some homeowners buy replacement liners and install them or even choose liner kits. Unfortunately, the process is usually much more involved than customers realize and they normally do not have the tools, time or patience to get it right. For one thing, they need to carefully remove the original liner and then smooth out the sub-floor. A new liner can then be installed, but that is tricky to do without leaving noticeable wrinkles. Some people even rip or tear liners in the process. Many end up researching sites like Website Domain and contacting experts after all.

Professionals Make Liner Replacement Easy

Liner replacement is simple and fairly quick for pool specialists. They offer vinyl liners in a wide variety of surface textures and colors. Companies also sell products in different thicknesses, with the thinnest being fairly fragile and easy to tear. Experts help clients choose liners that best fit their needs and budgets and then technicians to measure pools. They return on another day and efficiently install liners.

Beautiful in-ground swimming pools usually owe their gorgeous appearance to pool liners. Liners can protect surfaces and make pool maintenance easier. When they are damaged, liners should be replaced by professionals, who ensure that products fit perfectly.

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