Things to Consider About the Installation of New Gunite Pools in Nassau County NY

The installation of new gunite pools in Nassau County NY can help with the goal of a healthy new lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise. Many people begin the new year with a resolution to lose weight and get more physically fit. This is the ideal time to start making plans for the installation of a new swimming pool that provides a place for fun activity throughout the warm weather months.

Gunite and Steel

What exactly is gunite? new gunite pools in Nassau County NY are made of concrete that’s applied with a high-pressure hose. After excavation on the property, a structure of steel bars is built to form the reinforcement for the concrete. Workers then spray the liquid concrete over these bars. Concrete block is another option for an inground swimming pool, but it’s not as strong because there is no steel reinforcement.


Building a pool with this method increases the options for design, although most property owners stick with tried-and-true pool styles like rectangles, ovals and kidney shapes. Smaller pools might be of one depth throughout, while larger ones can easily have a shallow and deep end. A built-in short stairway is very convenient at the shallow end, allowing children to safely get into the water.

Size and Pricing

Although different materials factor into the price of new pool installation, the size is the biggest factor. Some property owners are limited by the size of their backyard, while others have restrictions because of their home improvement budget. An unusual, customized design will cost more than a standard style because of the extra labor involved to bring the plan into reality. The cost of all the extra features like water heaters and pumps must be considered too.

The Work of Swimming Pool Technicians

In addition to building the pool, a company such as Sky Blue Pools can also send technicians to perform routine maintenance and necessary seasonal tasks. The technicians clean the pool, adjust chemicals for the proper balance and get it ready for winter. They also repair leaks if any ever develop and fix problems with the pool’s equipment. Contact us to learn more.

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