Added Features to a Chain Link Fence in Twin Cities, MN That Keep Dogs in the Yard

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Fences and Gates

A chain link fence in Twin Cities, MN offers an effective way of keeping a dog inside a yard, at least unless that dog figures out how to get under or over this fence. Someone who knows of a dog smart enough or diligent enough to get out of a fenced yard may wonder if the fence installation technicians can do anything to stop that. There are some features that can be added to these fences that will keep Fido and Rover inside where they belong.

Dogs naturally like to dig, and even one that isn’t trying to escape may inadvertently discover that it has found a way out. A chain link fence in the Twin Cities, MN area can be installed so the bottom portion is placed several inches underground, thus preventing the digger from tunneling out. If the property owner prefers a fence with a horizontal bar along the bottom, chicken wire can be attached to the fence bottom and buried. It will discourage the same a digging dog from attempting a breakout. A behavioral technique dog owners can employ is providing the animal with a specific place in the yard to dig and training it to only dig there.

Instead of digging, some dogs learn how to get out by climbing a fence. A chain link fence can also include an area along the top that angles inward and prevents a climbing dog from getting out. Another option would be to have a fence installation technician from a company such as Dakota Unlimited install rollers along the top to stop the animal from getting a paw grip there. Pet owners should never resort to stringing barbed wire across this part of the fence, or any other part. The dog could get tangled in the wire and become injured.

It should be noted that some determined dogs are able to jump a fence. If a person has acquired a puppy that will grow to a large size and is a breed known for agility, the fence must be tall enough to block high jumps. The new pet owner will want to do a little research to determine what that fence height should be.

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