Hire Roof Contractors in Oklahoma City to Inspect and Maintain the Home’s Roof

Where one’s home is concerned, creaks and leaks are a problem. However, a local roofing contractor can help homeowners protect their biggest investment. Below are some simple tips to help maintain a roof’s integrity over its lifetime.

Get Regular Inspections

It’s good to assess the roof’s condition twice per year, preferably in the spring and the fall. The NCRA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommends hiring roof contractors in Oklahoma City to do the inspection, even if the homeowner has done a preliminary evaluation beforehand.

Signs to Look For

Gutter-cleaning time is a great time to inspect the roof, and cleaning the gutters can protect the home from wood rot and foundation cracks. Below are some signs to look for and some tips for safe roof cleaning.

  • Debris: Dirt, leaves, and branches should be swept away. It may seem harmless, but such debris can damage the roof over the years, causing algae growth and clogging gutters.
  • Algae: Having a roofer install zinc strips can prevent the buildup of moss and algae. If there’s already an algae issue, the roofer can use a special cleaning solution to get rid of the growth without damaging the roof.
  • Wear and damage: A roofer can check for signs of degradation around pipes and chimneys, and they can also look for obvious damage like loose shingles and holes. All flashing should be inspected to ensure it has no rust, damage or missing pieces.
  • Clogs and leaks: Roof Contractors in Oklahoma City can use a garden hose to flood the gutter, ridding it of debris and dirt. This is also a good time to check flow through the downspout, and if necessary, Roof Contractors can use a snake to remove any clogs.

Don’t Pressure-Wash the Roof

Homeowners should avoid power washing their roofs because it can shorten the roof’s lifespan. Though a power washer can get rid of debris and moss quickly, it can also wash away parts of the roof’s structure.

Ensure the Adequacy of Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance is an absolute necessity for the family and the home, especially if a covered peril such as a storm damages the roof. Disasters can be costly, but homeowners’ policies can help replace or repair roof damage.

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