Adding An Outdoor Area To View Birds And Services Provided By A Landscape Designer In Morristown NJ

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Landscaping

An avid birdwatcher can create a tranquil spot to relax while watching birds bathe and eat. The following steps describe how to install a birdbath, feeder and viewing area that will beautify a piece of property and provide a home owner with a comfortable area to sit.


  • measuring tape
  • wooden stakes
  • rake
  • topsoil
  • shovel
  • grass seed
  • sprinkler system
  • birdbath
  • bird feeder
  • paving stones
  • lawn furniture
  • binoculars

Preparing The Ground

After measuring the outdoor area where a project will be completed, wooden stakes can be used to mark the corners of the spot that was chosen. The ground needs to be raked to collect loose debris. If portions of the ground are uneven, topsoil should be added to them. A rake can be used to level the ground’s surface. If grass is sparsely covering the ground, seed should be sprinkled onto areas in need. A sprinkler system can be installed to assist with keeping grass seed watered on a daily basis. Grass blades may take several weeks to emerge from the ground.

Adding Features

A birdbath can be placed in the central portion of the land that has been cleared. A hanging bird feeder can be hung from a tree branch. Otherwise, a feeder that is secured to a pole can be installed next to a birdbath. Paving stones that are pressed into the ground will form an attractive border around the cleared land. Lawn furniture, including a lounge chair and small table should be arranged near the border. A pair of binoculars can be placed on a table so that an individual can observe birds as they approach the birdbath or feeder. Fresh water needs to be added to a birdbath on a regular basis to encourage birds to use the water feature.

A Landscape Designer in Morristown NJ can be contacted for advice on completing a landscaping job. A Landscape Designer in Morristown NJ that is hired will complete landscaping projects that will transform the appearance of a back yard or commercial piece of property.

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