Kitchen Lighting: Making Your Kitchen Look Great

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

When you remodel your kitchen, you are going to be looking to increase its functionality and upgrade its look. Floors, counters, and wall treatments are all going to play a big part in the visual appeal of your new kitchen. Lighting is a factor that can occasionally be overlooked, yet it can have such a great impact on the style and functionality of your kitchen space.

Light Fixtures

The light fixtures you choose should be a décor statement in and of themselves. There are some great looking fixtures available, and it is recommended that you shop around. The material that it is made of needs to match your style, and the geometry of the fixture should enhance the lines of the whole kitchen. You will also want to look into fixtures that use efficient bulbs, such as LEDs. Your remodeler in San Antonio may be able to give you some guidance on what will work well for the space you have.

Quality of Light

Lighting can make or break a room. Good lighting will enhance all of your décor choices, and bring focus to where you want it. The warmth or coolness of the light will also impact how your color choices appear, and it will also change the mood in the room. Cool light is more invigorating, but can appear somewhat industrial. Warm lighting can be inviting, but can make the room’s colors appear off. A mix of warm and cool lighting is usually recommended, as this will mimic natural lighting the best.

Kitchen Functionality

You need to prepare food in your kitchen, even if you also use it for entertaining or a place to gather. It is important that the light be sufficient enough to comfortably see on the counter space. Under cabinet lighting is a great way to achieve this, without sacrificing the look of your kitchen.

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