The Advanced Features of Today’s Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are becoming more and more common in restroom facilities throughout the world, and for a good reason. The modern commercial hand dryer is equipped with some features that make it a smart choice for large or small bathroom facilities. This includes attractive models that look nice in any facility, powerful motors that dry hands quickly and sanitary advancements that prohibit the spread of colds and flu. With all of these upgrades and with a variety of models to choose from the hand dryer plays a large role in keeping bathrooms clean across the globe.

Strong and Adjustable Motors

Using a high-intensity single nozzle that directs air flow, the most efficient hand dryers dry hands in as little as 12 seconds. The air speed in these strong units reaches 225 MPH and reaches temperatures of 132 degrees Fahrenheit, warm enough to work quickly but never too warm. The speed of the blower can be adjusted in some models, allowing for customization of drying time, sound level, and energy output.

Even a less expensive commercial hand dryer has a drying time of around 25 seconds with air temperatures at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is fast enough to keep up with just about any level of usage in most facilities. The motor runs at 4,800 RPM and comes with an automatic thermal protector. All these features result in a high-performance air dryer.

Versatile and Durable Materials

The latest line of modern hand dryers comes in a variety of attractive surfaces. These can include graphite, epoxy and stainless steel. The advantage of these strong materials is at least three-fold: they last longer, they are vandal-resistant, and they are fire-resistant. This is especially important in large public facilities where people have been known to get rowdy and act in ways they shouldn’t. Tamper-resistant screws and shielded air intake vents further increase durability.

Sanitary and Hygienic Models

To help limit the spread of germs and viruses, the latest hand dryers use antimicrobial technology through the use of a filtration system. This reduces the number of contaminants in the air, always a benefit but especially during cold and flu season. By inhibiting the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria the unit can function longer without the need to replace parts.

These are just some of the advanced features of today’s commercial hand dryer. They also offer easy installation, green features such as low energy output, sensor technology that reduces the need to touch surfaces and low decibel sound output. Visit the website for more information.

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