Buying Residential Land? Benefits of Using A Good NY Land Surveyor

You see potential in some properties in NY, and you are thinking of making an offer. Well, if your intention is set, then it may be time to consider contracting a good NY land surveyor.

Benefits of A Surveyor

Having a good, local, and experience surveyor should help ensure that your purchase is a lucrative one in the following ways:


One thing that a NY land surveyor is going to help with is making sure the size shown on the deed is the actual size. You’d be surprised how often this is not the case.

Potential Issues

Another thing you’ll learn, thanks to a land surveyor, is whether or not the land is usable. There are certain characteristics that could make the land you are considering a bad buy, like if an area is flood-prone among other things.


You should also know that getting this land surveyed could also help you understand it a little better regarding construction. You are going to be given some suggestions that will help you place your home in the area or area permitted.

You are going to be given some suggestions regarding where the road can be placed. The information given to you depends on what you want the land for, so be specific.

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