Call a Roofing Company in Oahu to Prevent Serious Problems

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Many homeowners take their roofing systems for granted, and those who move into homes with new roofs may overlook maintenance for years on end. In many cases, problems aren’t visible until catastrophic damage has already occurred. Below are several things that may go wrong if a homeowner doesn’t get regular roofing maintenance and occasional repairs.

Development of Hidden, Damaging Leaks

In some instances, roofs can leak for years without detection. A falling branch or large hail may damage shingles to the point they deteriorate early, and flashings may come loose in a heavy wind. An undetected leak can cause the decking, rafters, and timbers to rot, and that level of deterioration will ruin even the best roof.

Costly Repairs or Replacements

Because of the local climate, extended rainy periods may combine with the aforementioned roof leaks to leave the area wet for a long time. Once a hidden leak leads to drywall or decking damage, there’s little to do but to call a Roofing Company in Oahu for full roof replacement.

Health and Safety Issues

If an aging roof collapses when the house is occupied, a significant injury may result. Apart from a collapse, an old roof presents other issues that may compromise a family’s safety and health. Although most people know that mildew and mold may develop in walls, similar problems happen in the attic. The home’s electrical system may be at risk as well, as wet wiring can short out, causing a power outage or fire.

Damage to the Home and Its Contents

When part or all of an old roof collapses, there’s a real threat to people and their belongings. If the owner is away at the time of the failure, water can ruin the inside of the home. Although the impact may be lessened by homeowner’s insurance payments, the potential risk to a family’s possessions shouldn’t be underestimated.

Roof Inspections Protect the Family’s Investment

For many property owners, the home is the investment of a lifetime, and the roof protects that investment while keeping the family and its belongings safe. With the help of a roofing company in Oahu, families can stay safe and keep their home and possessions protected. Click here for more details or call today to schedule an estimate.

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