Complete Services from Chimney Contractors in Annapolis MD

Chimney contractors in Annapolis MD offer many more services than a chimney sweeping company, or a general contractor. A chimney sweeping company can inspect, clean, and sweep a chimney or manufactured fireplace system. Professional sweeps can also install accessories to help keep the chimney safe. The company will be not be able to build a chimney with professional masons, or make major repairs to bricks and mortar. A general contractor can utilize masons to build a chimney, or have technicians install a factory-made metal fireplace and chimney system, but will not be around to maintain it, or inspect it. Chimney contractors can build chimneys, and provide all the services a chimney, whether mason or factory built, will ever need. They can also install wood stoves and gas fireplaces.

It is important to have any chimney inspected at least once a year to double check waterproofing, and look for any signs of common chimney issues and problems. Water leaks, brick and mortar damage, firebox problems, animal nests, build up of residue, and any roof damage around the chimney will need to be addressed to keep the chimney system working efficiently and safely. Minor repairs are not only more cost-effective than major ones, discovering them during an inspection will allow homeowners to have repairs made before cold weather begins. Neglecting minor issues can result in chimney fires, smoke infiltration of the home, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Experienced Chimney Contractors in Annapolis MD will conduct carbon monoxide testing as part of an inspection, and will offer suggestions to reduce energy costs. A chimney cap, for example, can be quickly installed and make fireplaces more efficient by blocking excessive rain water and debris from entering the system.

Chimneys are built to withstand the elements, but will need repairs as time goes on. Rebuilding a chimney may be required in the event of severe damage, many leaks, or crumbling and weakening. The bricks will last for hundreds of years, but the mortar can begin to wear down in about twenty years. Re-pointing is a method masons use to restore the strength and integrity of brick structures. The mortar is removed to a certain depth, and then filled in with new materials. That keeps the bricks from sliding, shifting, and allowing water to seep into the interior of the chimney. Building and homeowners can visit website for information regarding services and capacities, and to take advantage of specials and discounts.

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