Contact Chimney Cap Installation Contractors In Severna Park, MD

Are you aware your chimney should have a cap on it? The cap is not to completely enclose the chimney, but to protect it from critters, leaves, insects, and debris entering the chimney. In addition, it will keep the rain or snow from entering the chimney and destroying the mortar in the walls of the chimney. Chimney cap installation contractors in Severna Park MD can install the proper size and shape for the protection of your chimney. Rain can be very devastating to the flue liner and smoke shelf of a chimney. The rain can mix with the soot and create a very foul smell. The rain can also cause rust on the fireplace damper and make it inoperable.

Birds, including owls, like to take refuge in a chimney that is not properly capped. A bird’s nest in a chimney can cause a chimney fire. Raccoons that make a home in a chimney can leave droppings that contain parasites that are lethal to humans. If a family of birds, raccoons, or squirrels are living in a chimney, they could completely block the inside of the chimney, and that leaves the occupants susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning. Chimney Cap Installation Contractors in Severna Park MD can install the cap and ensure this won’t happen to your family.

There are various types of flue caps that can be installed. There are stainless steel, copper, and powdered galvanized steel caps for a chimney. Each one has a screen to prevent flaming creosote from landing on the roof of a home and causing a fire. In addition, it will eliminate the opportunity for downdrafts to push smoke into a home. Chimneys that are prefabricated of metal usually have their own cover and don’t require a cap. Chimney caps need to be secured, but should never be permanently mounted on the top of a chimney.

A chimney cap should also be checked when a homeowner has their chimney cleaned. Complete Chimneys LLC offers outstanding chimney work for repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and installation. If you have a chimney at your home, it’s important to keep it maintained for your family’s safety.

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