The Different Types of Contractors You Need for Your Next Project

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Trying to coordinate all the different types of specialized workers needed for a project can be very difficult. This is why a dependable general contractor is so valuable. They know what needs to be done, and have contacts for people who do it well. There are a number of specialists that are involved in a project, and it is good to get an idea of who all will be involved.

General Construction

People involved in general construction include dry wall installers, framers, and painters. Your general contractor may do some of these tasks, but they will also know who to call if outside help is needed. They may choose to outsource a specific task to stay on time. In San Antonio, a house painter may be brought in so that the general contractor can focus on other aspects of the project, keeping everything else on schedule. Using subcontractors for general construction is a great way for a general contractor to make sure everything else runs smoothly. Your general contractor might also sub-contract out work that they are not very efficient. For example, sub-contractors that are focused on drywall are going to be very efficient at hanging drywall, mudding, and sanding, while a general contractor may be slower and not as proficient at it.

Specialty Contractors

Some parts of a project may require a very specific skillset. In these cases a sub-contractor that focuses on that discipline will be contacted. These include plumbing, heating and cooling, as well as electrical. All of these services require tools and knowledge that is very specific to that type of work. A general contractor is not going to have these skills, but they will know reliable sources to get the work done. Other things, like cabinetry will be done by a sub-contractor, however it will usually be done off site. You probably won’t see the cabinetry maker, but you will certainly see their work. Many sub-contractors rely heavily of work from general contractors, so they will provide solid services to ensure they get repeat work.

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