More on Tin, Tiles, and Other Styles of Tin Ceiling in Westchester, NY

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

A Tin Ceiling Westchester NY was a staple of Victorian-era homes. It had a lot going for it. Low-cost combined with a nice soft aesthetic made it a popular choice. The low cost had an immediate impact on construction. But, as construction techniques developed, new methods surfaced. Tin ceilings became a little dated in the long line of home construction.

But, somewhere in the past decade or more, tin has once again been seen as a viable metal ceiling option. It may have a bit to do with the nostalgia-age of today, where things once seen as silly are being embraced once again. Home design is in a backswing. Designers are looking at what worked in the past and why they were abandoned. Somewhere along the line, designers are picking up the pieces of what was once a perfectly acceptable style and applying those pieces to today’s homes.

Why was tin used in the first place? Homeowners could not often afford plaster ceilings. Tin offered the same basic effect at a fraction of the cost. It was like using tinfoil instead of silver. The result was the same-;kind of-,but the cost was a different story entirely.

Oddly enough, Tin Ceiling Westchester NY was abandoned for cost reasons and the replacement of other metals. The look of tin was considered “shoddy,” and homeowners coated the tin surface with tiling. But, tin itself should have remained the main staple. It is a wonderful fire barrier. Ironically, homes that used tin had a much better chance of surviving fires compared to sculpted plaster home constructions. The California fires in the early 20th century showed this in tragic form.

Now, tin is still used. Tin Ceiling Westchester NY has been relegated down a peg, but its fire-restrictive attributes will keep it in construction for a long time. Click here for more on using tin as a main component of any ceiling space. Also, consider using tin-coated tiling for that added fire protection benefit. It offers the visuals of tile with the safety of tin. The website offers more specifics about tin, tiles, and other styles.

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