Different Types of Metal Roofing in Appleton to Consider

Metal has a historical track record of use for roofing. Copper was one of the most popular choices. However, innovations in technology have broadened the options that are available for metal roofs. These types of innovation include upgrades in the protective coating to extend the life and reduce the rusting potential of various metals. These are a few types of metal in addition to copper that can be utilized for the roof.

Steel is known for its strength and is often used in structural supports for buildings. This material is less resistant to heat, which makes it an energy-saving option to consider in hot areas. It is also a very common material for Metal Roofing in Appleton, which means there are plenty of options that can be utilized to customize the home. Another big advantage is that metal is light-weight and doesn’t need the extra support system that is common with the use of some materials.

Aluminum is another metal option for roofs. The addition of a protective coating extends the life of the material to upward of fifty years. This lasts much longer than the standard shingled roof. It can be shaped and stamped into different patterns. The aluminum can also be applied in areas where standing roofing material isn’t a viable option because of the roof’s pitch.

Zinc is picking up in popularity for Metal Roofing in Appleton. It is highly resistant to corrosion and chemical invasions because of a naturally forming protective coating that can reform itself over time. Like the other types of metals, it is a recyclable material. It also has a relatively low carbon footprint. The zinc can be formed to different roof styles. This is an advantage if the roof is designed for aesthetic value and has areas that are difficult to cover properly.

Metal has evolved as a roofing material. The durability, the low maintenance features and the versatility of the material are hard to match with other types of roofing materials. While it has a long history, the popularity of metal is returning. Click here for more information about the different types of metal roofing available.

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