The Four Primary Features of a Copper Ceiling in Long Island NY

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Copper ceilings add texture and depth to any room, and are an ideal design option for creating an elegant space. Like other metal tiles, copper ceilings come in a wide range of patterns, including autumn leaves, daisies, Aztec suns and three-dimensional geometric designs. What makes these ceiling tiles to stand out over other metal tiles is their gleaming burnished gold color. The rustic exterior draws eyes to the ceiling, and guests remember its beauty long after they have turned attention elsewhere. For people planning to sell their home, copper ceilings can help to increase the overall resale value. Here are the four primary features of a Copper Ceiling Long Island NY.

Ability to Add Strength to a Structure

Since they are made of metal, copper ceilings are impervious to many things that could damage a normal plastic ceiling. Copper ceiling tiles do not crack or absorb moisture. They help to enhance the structural strength of a building structure.

Resistance to Moisture

Condensation and accumulated water can damage plaster ceilings severely. Such damage can only be fixed with costly repairs or reconstruction of the entire ceiling. Copper ceilings are resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew. They can last a lifetime without sacrificing the beauty of a home.

Protection against Fires

Preventative structural fire protection is vital not only when it comes to protection of life, but also protection of possessions and the environment. The key areas deemed to be important are:

      *     Preventing the outbreak of fire

      *     Limiting the spread of smoke and flames

      *     Allowing for the rescue of people and animals

      *     Enabling feasibility of effective firefighting,

A Ceiling Long Island NY is ideally suited, if applied and installed correctly to meet the stated objectives. It can help to prevent and restrict fire damage. In addition, it can be implemented as a fire resistance feature.

Ability to Hide Imperfections

Copper ceilings are suitable for covering unattractive plaster ceilings that need to be repaired. The beauty and ease of installation of these ceiling tiles make them a perfect option for home upgrades or renovations.

Other essential features of a Copper Ceiling Long Island NY include minimal maintenance and resistance to warping or cracking. For more info about copper ceiling tiles, and how to hire a professional for installations, please click here.

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