Home Damage Restoration In Panama City Following Foundation Problems

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

There is a Corporation called Ram Jack Systems Distribution, LLC that operates across the Americas out of Ada in Oklahoma. They produce patented specialized metal foundation piers and piles that can be used for both new construction work and renovation or repair to the foundations of existing structures. These products are widely used for Home Damage Restoration in Panama City (not only in the capital of Panama but also in the adjacent Florida cities of Panama and Panama Beach.

Sitting On A Good Foundation

Whether your home is constructed around a timber frame and encased with cladding or it is a more substantial structure of brick, stone, cement or, steel, it should be placed on a level flat area. This can be achieved by leveling the soil where you plan to build and then laying a concrete slab on which to construct the finished building. However, in nearly all cases, your slab will be directly on top of the soil and not strong, solid bedrock. Over time, that soil can become compacted or even washed out. This will result in its subsiding under the weight of the structure above.

Foundation Piers Or Pilings

These pass through all layers of soil beneath the structure until they are in contact with the bedrock itself. In this way, your home will be adequately supported by the strength of the bedrock. This should even be sufficient to cope with small-scale compaction, etc of the soil layers. However, if a lot of soil gets removed (such as in flooding conditions) you may need to take action to restore good solid support. Fortunately, supports like the Ram Jack are quickly available across the country and either of the Panama cities in Florida are no exception. The product is stocked and available from their authorized distributers all of whom have to undergo rigorous training from Ram Jack themselves.

The visible signs of an underlying problem might be nothing more than a sticking front door or a crack beginning to appear in a wall. Either of these could be superficial, but there is also a very real possibility that they are early warning signs that something is wrong below the building. It takes a trained expert to differentiate between the two. At Panama Bach, coastal erosion may be the root cause. Inland at Panama City, it is possible that the bedrock may have succumbed to erosion caused by rock (like limestone) being dissolved by the ground water. Whatever the cause, the problem needs to be fixed before it gets out of hand.

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