Keep That Septic System Functional With Superior Aerobic Septic System Repairs

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Maintenance Wiki

Septic systems are a great way to handle sewage in those remote areas where municipal treatment plants aren’t available. They work by capturing the waste in one or more large tanks and separating the liquid from the solid materials. The average system will have two large tanks where the main tank collects the solid waste and the secondary tank catches any overflow.

This system helps reduce the chance that solid waste enters the surrounding soil and causes contamination. Another option is the aerobic system which aerates the waste and speeds up its break-down. Unfortunately, an aerobic system can fail and require immediate Aerobic Septic System Repairs. For instance, the motor that is used to drive the aerator can burn out or blower (effluent spreading) system can fail. Some aerobic systems simply drive air into the solid waste to speed up bacterial action, while others have delivery systems that eliminate the use of leach lines.

The leaching systems in the original septic tank are used to trickle the waste-water or effluent into the soil. This is known as percolation and works to further filter the liquid before it enters the local water table. The use of an aerobic sprayer bypasses the pipes by spreading the liquid over the top of the soil and this allows a broader area for percolation. One example of a complex system that may require Aerobic Septic System Repairs is the five stage model.

It begins with a smaller tank that collects the main input. This input overflows into another tank area with a uniquely shaped baffle that forces the solid matter to the bottom. This step allows separation and aeration which improves bacterial consumption. Next, the liquid is pushed into another portion of the tank where any remaining solid matter can sink to the bottom.

The final step is spreading the liquid, which is done by pumping and spraying it over a specific area. This last stage is usually automated. This means that the property owner doesn’t need to worry about the spraying cycle. However, they will still need to ensure the system is properly maintained by having a professional come out and check the system. Quality septic contractors like website domain usually offer maintenance plans for this function.

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