Finding the Right Walk-in Bathtubs from Pittsburgh Design Experts

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Maintenance Wiki

There is one thing that affect every person ever born and no one can escape it, and that is the passing of time. However, the passing of time does not have to rob you of your independence as you get older. Just call the Patete Kitchen and Bath Design Center experts and let them help you design a new bathroom upgrade that meets all of your needs now and down the road. You can get everything you need to make the perfect bathroom for you or a loved one who is getting up there in years and you can find features that include state-of-the-art walk-in bathtubs from Pittsburgh design experts and professionals. It is about finding the design that works now and for the future.

Embracing Independence With Age

The human need for independence and freedom is something born into us and is somewhat of a survival instinct, but as we grow older and find it more difficult to perform basic tasks and activities this freedom is compromised and can ultimately be lost. One of the biggest areas of concern for older individuals is the bathroom because so any accidents can happen there. Designing and maintaining a safe and efficient bathroom set up can allow you to continue living independently in your own home and that is what Patete Kitchen and Bath does- gives you freedom by improving the safety of your bathroom. With easy to access and use toilet seats, slip proof flooring options, and better alternatives for tubs and the addition of their new walk in bathtub and shower combos, you can get the bathroom that will work for you now and even years down the road when mobility starts to slip a little.

Walk-in Bathtubs in Pittsburgh- Improvements Include:

* Low mounted and easily accessible sinks, toilets, vanities for stability and mobility
* Handrails around the toilet and bathtub are for safety and balance
* Specially designed little-to-no edges tubs and showers
* Built-in seating for your tub or shower
* Easy access faucets and knobs that do not require bending over
* Wheelchair and walker-accessible layouts for a safer bathroom experience

The Patete Difference

Contact Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center today to see what they can do for you and how they can help make your bathroom a safer place now and years down the road!

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