Pay Attention to These 4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Gutters

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Construction & Maintenance

Your home guttering system is an important part of maintaining your home. However, your guttering system needs occasional maintenance as well. Eventually, your gutters will also need to be replaced.

It’s not a good idea to rip off a good set of gutters, but replacing your gutters when they aren’t working is an important part of home maintenance. Read on to learn four signs that it’s time to replace your gutters.

Cracks, Rust Spots, and Holes in the Gutters

Wondering whether or not it’s time for gutter replacement? Watch out for cracks, rust spots, and holes.

Though some issues in your gutters can be fixed with flashing and sealant, this isn’t always the case. Contact gutter contractors in Fairfax, VA, to answer your questions about your guttering system.

Several Broken Fasteners

The fasteners are the metal pieces that keep your gutter attached to the roof. These fasteners are responsible for keeping the gutters level.

If your fasteners are broken, your gutters won’t be able to work properly. Work with gutter contractors in Fairfax, VA, to repair this problem.

Screws or Nails on the Ground

In some situations, the screws and nails that hold the gutters up come loose. While it’s easy to replace these, it’s also important to work with professionals to assess the condition of the rest of the gutters.

Gutters Moving Away From Your Roof

Another sign to watch out for is any space between your gutters and the roofline. Gutter replacement can easily fix this problem.

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