The Importance of Keeping Wildlife Wild: Why Every Homeowner Needs an Outdoor Garbage Can Enclosure

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Bear Box Manufacturer

There are a lot of critters that would like nothing more than to make their way into your outdoor garbage cans. Bears, of course, are the biggest threat. But other common trash can culprits include raccoon’s, skunks, and squirrels. They’re intelligent and have sharp claws that allow them to easily open trash bags in search of food. In some cases, they may even chew through the plastic of the garbage can itself to get to the scraps inside!

Not only will these critters make a mess of your garbage, but they also pose a threat to your safety. Raccoon, for example, can carry diseases like rabies. Then you have skunks and the foul odor they spray (which can be difficult to get rid of). However, by securing your outdoor garbage can with an appropriate enclosure, you can prevent these animals from getting into your trash and becoming a nuisance.

What’s an Outdoor Garbage Can Enclosure?

Think of them like a safety deposit box, as they protect your trash cans and other outdoor waste from wildlife – including bears. They also prevent animals from getting into harmful items in your garbage.

Why Keep Wildlife Wild?

What happens when a wild animal finds a good source of food in your trash cans? Aside from trash, things like pet food/bird seed, any scented items and even pet waste are all considered wildlife attractors. If gone unchecked, wildlife will eventually habituate to your home – which can lead to harmful consequences for both you and the animal. And don’t forget about the various toxins you may have in your garbage – those types of items could have a deadly impact on any animals that come in contact with it.

They won’t go away nicely

The absence of an outdoor garbage can enclosure will inevitably lead to unwanted guests – the furry kind. After all, why leave an area where you know there’s a constant food source? The best approach is a proactive one – don’t give wildlife any reason to hang around your property.

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