Where Should Everybody Go for Their Garage Door Repair in Park Ridge, IL

Garage Door Repair in Park Ridge, IL

Are you looking for help with garage door repair in Park Ridge, IL? This company can work on overhead doors, gates, and enclosures. If it rolls on tracks and is stored overhead, then their guys can tackle the job.

Servicing a Garage Door

The first step to service a garage door is a visual inspection of the track. If there are any flat spots, crimps, or dents, then they need to be worked out. Usually, the technician can address them with a rubber hammer.

Next, the repair crew can use a level to measure the track’s alignment. Horizontal tracks have a slight slant downward toward the garage’s back. Misaligned tracks should be addressed immediately. Greasing the tracks comes after that, and they look for loose hardware.

Technicians tighten or replace loose hardware as they discover it. If they need to use an additional screw to attach the door properly, they will do so.

Finally, they look at the torsion spring and see if it needs any repairs. It is imperative that you do not attempt to repair the torsion spring yourself. You could injure yourself.

Garage Door Opener

If you do not already own a garage door opener, this company could help you install one. Lifting your garage by hand is tiresome, and the installation does not take long.

If your garage door opener is not working correctly, this team can diagnose and repair it. This team’s knowledge of garage motors ensures they will get the job done.

Contact Crystal Overhead Door Inc for more information.

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