The Process to Obtain a Waterproof Basement in Boston, MA

Ideally, the time to obtain waterproofing is during the construction phase of the home. The foundation is already exposed, and the process to achieve a waterproof barrier is much easier. However, this step was skipped in most homes that have been constructed in Boston. Because of this skipped step, thousand of dollars of damage due strictly to water have occurred. These damages could have been prevented had a proper waterproof seal been established. These are some of the steps involved in waterproofing a basement.

One of the first things to occur in the process to waterproof basement in Boston MA is digging out the dirt around the foundation. This means destroying the landscaping around the home, but it is the only way to completely access the entire basement area. Every area needs to be exposed so that the entire foundation can be protected from the intrusion of water.

Once the dirt is removed, a waterproof membrane is wrapped around the entire outside of the foundation. Unlike waterproof paint that is commonly used on the interior walls of the basement, this membrane completely stops all water from penetrating into the concrete. This is one of the best methods to prevent water from coming into contact with the concrete. Paint itself cannot protect the concrete from all the ravages of water intrusion.

Any seams in the waterproof membrane are also sealed tightly. Once this wrap has been completely installed, a French drain may also be added. While this is completely optional, the French drain will help ensure that the water never settles around the basement area and is an additional water protection method. After the installation process, the dirt is filled back around the foundation. The process to a Waterproof Basement in Boston MA is complete once the dirt goes back in.

The process of waterproofing a basement is not that complex. However, the amount of work that goes into it is extensive. While waterproofing should be done during the construction phase, it can be done at any time.

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