Crushed Concrete Services Create an Affordable and Environmentally Friendly Rural Driveway

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Asphalt Contractor

Crushed Concrete Services can construct driveways made of concrete from buildings and other structures that have been demolished. Rural homeowners increasingly turn to companies offering this material as a way to save money on paving long driveways. It also has an environmental benefit in that the process reuses old material instead of having to dig up new gravel from a quarry.

When roads, sidewalks, bridges and buildings are demolished, the material must be hauled away and disposed of. Broken concrete has been used to reduce coastal erosion, and the crushed aggregate is sometimes included in new roads. Usually, however, there is always a large amount of this material available, making it cheap for paving companies to buy. The environmentally friendly aspect is appealing to many individuals who want to leave less of a footprint on their surroundings. They may already be shying away from the possibility of paving with asphalt or new materials from a quarry for this reason.

Paving rural driveways with asphalt tends to be a more frequent choice instead of concrete because of the cost savings. People who live in the country and are faced with paving a driveway of substantial footage often choose to leave it as dirt or have it paved with gravel. Crushed Concrete Services can commonly offer aggregate paving at one-half to two-thirds cheaper than gravel would be, depending on market prices. That can save property owners hundreds and even thousands of dollars if the house is situated a half-mile or further from the road.

A company such as Teague’s Asphalt has access to various grades of crushed concrete, so homeowners have the option of choosing something that looks more appealing than the cheapest version. Many property owners use this material in different kinds of landscaping, and they want certain sizes. They may want to blend the concrete pieces with materials such as blue stone, creating a color-coordinated look with other hardscaping on the property, blue spruces, and blue flowers. The crushed concrete blends in as a lighter shade of gray, making this an attractive option. Visitors to the property would never guess that the driveway is paved with bits of used concrete.

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