Tips for Great Landscape Design in Morristown NJ

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Landscaping

When a homeowner takes their time and puts effort into a Landscape Design in Morristown NJ, they can boost their home’s curb appeal significantly. The good news is, that contrary to popular belief, a homeowner doesn’t have to spend excessive amounts of money to generate a great impression. Using the tips here, any homeowner can transform their yard to look amazing throughout the year.

Plan a Design that Provides Year-Round Appeal

Many people don’t realize that evergreen bushes will keep their needles and leaves throughout the year. As a result, they are one option for a landscape that will retain their color and provide color, regardless of what season it is. When evergreen plants are used, a home will always have curb appeal.

Use a Walkway to Connect Points of Interest

Instead of trampling the lawn and creating a path of dead grass in between the fire pit, patio, and garden, homeowners should consider using concrete stepping stones. There are several materials that can be used to create this path, including crushed stone, decorative brick or flagstone. The key is to connect the elements in the landscape that will make it easy to get from one point of interest to the next without damaging the lawn.

Use a Big Rock to Break Up Monotonous Yards

An easy and effective way to make a huge statement in a home’s yard is to use a big rock -; or two. These types of rocks will be too large to fit in the average truck bed. Adding a boulder to the landscape really makes a statement and provides a point of interest for those passing by.

Add A Berm

An element of Landscape Design in Morristown NJ that homeowners should not ignore is adding a berm. These add texture and color to areas that are otherwise plain and flat. They can also add a bit of height by creating a mound.

When it comes to making an amazing looking outdoor space, there are several factors to consider. If a homeowner is stumped or doesn’t know how to begin, they should consider hiring the proffessionals.

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