Choosing a Bathroom Sink

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

There are many style choices to consider when doing a bathroom remodel in San Antonio. One such choice is what kind of sink you’d like to have. Bathroom sinks come in a variety of styles and price-points. Knowing what you want before beginning your remodel will make the process go much smoother.

Sink Styles

You want your bathroom fixtures to reflect your own personal style, while still having a modern feel. A list of popular sink styles and their benefits include the following:

   * Vessel Sinks- Usually in a bowl-shape, this style has become popular in recent years. These sinks do not require under mount installation.

   * Wall-Mounted Sinks- These are ideal for a bathroom that can benefit from extra floor space. They can be installed at different heights and are ideal for small bathrooms.

   * Drop-In Sink- These sinks are the easiest to install and can be placed into an existing countertop.

   * Pedestal Sink- These sinks have a narrow base and a wide basin. They don’t take up much floor space and are ideal for bathrooms that don’t require extra storage.

   * Console Sink- These sinks act as basin and counter. Some models have open shelving. These sinks are ideal for an area that benefits from compact design but also needs some storage options.

   * Undermount Sink- These sinks require a solid-surface counter. They are installed below the countertop, maximizing counter space.


Some sinks are more expensive than others. Design choice is not the only determining factor. Each design has a variety of materials options as well. A ceramic sink may have a different price point than stainless steel. However, the impact on cost for each design will vary depending on its required components. For example, a drop-in or undermount sink require that you purchase a countertop for installation, whereas a console or pedestal sink will not.

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