Two Important Questions About A Customized Mold Inspection

Whenever water saturates the inside of a home, it’s not long before mold appears on surfaces where moisture is present. If you’ve had a water leak or if there’s been a flood that’s caused water to enter your home, you should contact a company for a Customized mold inspection. During the inspection, a technician will thoroughly inspect every area of your home and check for the presence of mold growth. If any type of mold is found inside the home, the homeowner will need to schedule a mold remediation service. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn additional information about an inspection for mold growth inside the home.

Q.) How can homeowners tell if they have a mold problem inside their home?

A.) Some mold can easily be seen on surfaces, such as walls, woodwork, and floors. Other damp areas in a home that attract mold include the underside of carpeting, inside sink cabinets, and behind wallpaper. Mold is often black, and its surface is somewhat fuzzy. Homeowners can also detect mold by its odor because it has a musty and dirt-like smell. Since mold often grows in areas where it can’t be easily detected, it’s important to schedule a mold inspection with a qualified technician.

Q.) Why is it important to have a mold inspection and subsequent remediation if necessary?

A.) Individuals who live in a house that contains mold are susceptible to having upper respiratory issues. People who already have a history of breathing conditions or those who have a weakened immune system are more likely to suffer from the negative effects of mold. When exposed to mold spores, people can have various symptoms, which include wheezing, skin irritation and sinus congestion. Babies, small children, and elderly adults are also in a high-risk group of becoming ill when exposed to mold. If the Customized mold inspection reveals mold growth in the home, individuals should immediately make arrangements to have mold remediation performed by a qualified company.

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