Ways to Prepare for a Septic Tank Installation in Haines City, FL

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

A crew is coming next week to take care of a new Septic Tank Installation in Haines City FL. While the client could leave everything in the hands of the contractor, it does make sense to take care of a few tasks in advance. Here are some suggestions that will help speed up the actual installation and save the client some money.

Obtaining Permits

Before any Septic Tank Installation in Haines City FL takes place, there is the need to secure a permit from the local jurisdiction. While a contractor can handle this on behalf of the client, there is usually a fee involved. Taking the time to visit the right municipal office and obtain the permit ensures that all the documentation is in order well before the scheduled installation.

Clearing the Area

Since a spot has already been designated for the tank installation, spend some time clearing away shrubs, digging out sections of sod, and in general making sure the space is clean and ready for the team to start digging. Doing so will allow the homeowner time to relocate the shrubs if desired, and the harvested sod can always be put back in place once the tank is in the ground. Getting these chores out of the way will mean the installation team will not have to deal with them before moving on to the actual installation.

Bring in Some Gravel

Gravel will be needed as part of the installation process. The material will be needed for the trenches that must be dug as part of the process. The contractor can provide an idea of how much gravel is needed. From there, the customer can purchase a sufficient quantity from a local supplier and have it unloaded near the sport where the tank will be installed. Save more money by picking up the gravel in the family truck and getting a friend to help place the pile in the yard.

For more tips on how to prepare for a septic tank installation, you could look here and check out all the suggestions offered. With the right amount of preparation, getting the new tank installed will be a breeze.

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