Contact an Asphalt Contractor in Toledo, OH about Pavement Milling

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Asphalt Contractor

One of the processes that are used when a surface is repaved with asphalt is pavement milling. This technique removes the current asphalt so that the surface can be prepared for repaving. Pavement milling ensures that the newly asphalted pavement will last. Today, environmentally-friendly equipment is used to facilitate this type of work. Old pavement is recycled while the new pavement is made stronger and more resilient.

Defining the Pavement Milling Process and its Benefits

So, if you need to have a surface repaved with new asphalt, contact an asphalt contractor in Toledo, OH about pavement milling. He or she can further explain the process and its benefits. Pavement milling is not only a sustainable process but it also saves resources and maintains the gutter reveals and curb.

The process also enhances surface drainage and is less expensive than a total pavement replacement. By reusing the existing asphalt, pavement milling keeps the old product out of landfills. You can make use of this protocol many times and obtain good results.

A Smoother and Safer Pavement

So, if you want further clarification on how this system of repaving can be beneficial to your driveway, roadway, or parking lot, you need to schedule a consultation with an asphalt company in Toledo, OH. Also referred to as cold milling, pavement milling removes the pavement to a specified depth so that the pavement can be restored so it is smooth and safe.

When you consult with an asphalt contractor, he or she can further enlighten you about the material usage as well. Typically, cold-milled materials can be employed in the new asphalt or stockpiled for future use. So, as noted, you will not see any wastage when this type of process is used.

Today’s asphalt contractor knows the importance of recycling and making the most of the materials that are used. So, if you want to contribute to a safer and cleaner environment and improve your parking or roadway surface at the same time, this type of repaving should be considered and used.

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