Flammable Cabinets: Information

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

Flammable cabinets are safety storage compartments often found in industries utilising hazardous liquids. Poisonous chemicals, combustibles and igniter fluids all fall under the hazardous chemicals umbrella, which must be stored within certain guidelines of precaution according to Australian Standards, AS1940-2004.

Specifically, kerosene, petrol, diesel fuel, and any other liquid with a flash point no less than 90 degrees C are the most common potentially harmful substances. Storing dangerous goods properly, in compliance with industry requirements, promote employee, facility, and environmental safety, and will lower the possibility of financial repercussions. AS1940-2004 maintains that harmful liquids should be kept in segregation cabinets specially designed to reduce risk of accidental damage.

In keeping with industry and national standards, an investment in well-constructed cabinets will ultimately be the determining factor in saving lives and environments and are among the best business practices that continuously yield investment returns. “Welded construction, double steel walls, self-closing and latching doors, leak proof compound/containment sumps, dual vents for ventilation and vapor control, safety signage, and adjustable shelf heights,” are some of the features that flammable cabinets contain. Not to mention, these cabinets have been fire tested and approved, and come in various shapes and sizes that range from small, medium, and large.

Ecospill, is an environmental health service company. This company specialises in building safety storage products that intentionally supersede industry standards to maximise precautions. Their products include all specifications listed above and are coated in power yellow, high gloss paint for visibility, deeming their products reliable enough to ensure vigilance. These cabinets reduce dangerous and financial repercussions to business assets, offer organisational structure for efficiency, and are for indoor use only. Being in an industry that utilises hazardous products doesn’t have to be risky or costly. Flammable cabinets are the solution to protecting valuable, business and environmental assets.

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