Silt Curtains: Why They’re Needed

Construction sites are a challenging place to work because you’re constantly shifting things and making changes to the landscape and environment. Therefore, you run the risk of having sediment issues, so it is imperative that you control it. Along with such, you may want to decant and dredge or may want to prevent toxic algae from forming. You can do all this and more with silt curtains, but they must be durable and purchased from a reliable source. It is best to choose products that are made using tough Geofabric. You may also want to consider options with a 100mm float and a skirt of at least 2m.

Silt curtains should come ready to deploy so that you don’t have to put them together or do anything more than pull them out of the packaging. Many times, they are sold in smaller sections, but you can purchase as many as you need and connect them to make longer curtains. They’re ideal for a variety of applications, such as to control runoff and sediment from a construction site, control sediment from dredge deposition and dredging operations, and to help control toxic algae. Along with such, you can use them to control aquatic animals and mine tailing dams so that you reduce the suspended solids.

EcoSpill has a variety of products designed to help you protect the planet, your property, and your employees. Most people only think about the spillage and wastefulness of it. They want it cleaned up quickly and want to stop the leak fast to prevent wasting more product. However, you also have to consider the environment. Silt curtains are suitable for construction sites and other locations and can reduce sediment issues. That way, you don’t have to worry about soil getting into the waterways, which could damage the ecosystem nearby.

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