Simple and Innovative Spill Containment Options

Do you want extra security when dealing with large quantities of liquid filled drums? Do you also want to establish damage control? Then you need spill containment pallets. A spill containment pallet is the simplest and the most effective solution to prevent spillage in work areas or in warehouses. They can trap any type of liquid spillage or leakage that may unexpectedly occur in storage or during a hectic work day. A major concern for dangerous liquid storage is the proximity to staff and other assets. They alleviate the risks of spills reaching employees, and they make clean up easier.

Spill containment pallets are available usually available in multiple configurations. This means they are designed to fit any space constraints a workshop or storage area may have. They are typically made out of 100% polyethylene or galvanised steel. There are known variations that can withstand most chemicals, toxic liquids, acids, and corrosives that your business may interact with. The pallets are also incredibly easy to move without negatively impacting the strength of each pallet. They can be carried by forklifts around your compound. Most pallets feature drainage points, to which leaks are self-directed during transport, which allows for speedy recovery of spilled liquids.

Ecospill is the premier supplier of innovative pallets to suit your needs. They provide drum containment pallets and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) containment pallets. Both options have a spill capacity of 1100L, and they can protect against most hazardous chemicals. They also have multiple options for accessories that can be purchased for further safety. This includes protective coverings, which blocks dirt, dust, and outside elements, as well as a galvanised support shelf, specifically for the galvanised steel IBC pallet. Their spill containment pallets ensure every stage of possible spillage is adequately mitigated to protect all staff and the surrounding environment.

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